The Eighth Art, at Light City Baltimore 2018

2018 | Baltimore, MD, USA | Installation


24’ Geodesic Dome with translucent suspended cover, pipe, threaded rod, aluminum tubes wood, transparent acrylic, found optics, LEDs, fresnel lens sheets, diffraction gratings, colored gels, mirrored acrylic, mirrored foil, stained glass paint, hardware, DC geared motor, fans, power supply, timers, cabling, benches


The project’s name derives from Thomas Wilfred, who coined the term “lumia” to elevate light as its own rightful art-form, designating it “the eighth art.” This installation celebrates light’s ouroboric nature—cycling, building, and re-forming from itself. "The Eighth Art" consists of a 24-foot translucent geodesic dome illuminated by a kinetic, light modulating sculpture that resides at the center. The mechanism is based on an orrery, a mechanical model of the solar system, in which multiple sets of gears rotate various light manipulating devices. Visitors may enter the space, relax, and allow the light to perform for them.

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