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For the past nine years, collaboration has become an integral part of both our processes. We appreciate the binaries and singularities that are threaded throughout our interactions and unfolding process. We were struck by the potential for experimental abstract films to be used in the decoding of human interactions. Our developing series, "Intimacies of Geometry," combines narrative soundtracks and abstract visuals to create a space for reflecting on the nature of relationships. Archetypal geometric forms may have a multitude of meanings, dependent on your personal experiences and associations.  When in relationships, individuals’ thought-forms interact, like ripples caused by two pebbles thrown into a pond, creating new abstractions, patterns, and correlations. The films and images in our series employ 16mm color film and hand-processing for their inherent complexity and materiality, which shares concurrently with relationships the potential for the unexpected. Through these collaborations, we are synthesizing our personal viewpoints and practices. Hagerty’s work reflects on the contradictory nature of loss, being both instantaneous and infinite; one moment or act that is fleeting may cause indelible imprints. Savje’s work considers the alchemical process of the evolution of human consciousness.

The films are constructed utilizing an Oxberry animation camera system shooting 16mm film. The 16mm footage is hand-processed and scanned at 5K resolution. Additional footage is generated by capturing stop-motion digitally on a multi-plane rig, hand-painted direct-on-film techniques, and 3D
computer-generated forms that are then transmogrified into analog forms. The resulting analog and digital footage is composited digitally to synthesize the final films.

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